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July 17, 2007 / or4green

Euro 2007

EURO 2007 (the big European OR conference) was held recently. Europe generally does seem to be ahead of the US in these green areas. From the program, the following streams are relevant:

Closed-Loop Supply Chains B. Toktay (GA Tech) 2 sessions (several of the presenters from Erasmus University)
A. Closed-Loop Supply Chains I, Invited session, Chair: Vedat Verter, McGill University
1 – Product Variety Choice and Return Policy of a Make-to-Order Firm, Elif Akcali
2 – A Revenue-Management Approach to Product Recovery, Moritz Fleischmann
3 – An analytical Approach for WEEE Network Design, Gilles Weimerskirch
4 – An Analysis of Monopolistic and Competitive Collection Schemes for Recycling, Tamer Boyaci

B. Closed-Loop Supply Chains II, Invited session, Chair: Rob Zuidwijk
1 – Installed base data and product recovery strategies, Rob Zuidwijk
2 – On the use of install base information for spare parts inventory control, Rommert Dekker
3 – Locating Collection Centers for Incentive Dependent Returns under Collection Rate Requirement, Necati Aras
4 – The Role of Installed Base Information in Service Logistics Operations, Muhammad Jalil

OR in Agriculture and Forest Management L. M. Pla – 11 sessions
OR for Sustainability I, Invited session, Chair: Daniel Sandars
1 – Behavioural observations on preference enquiry, Teppo Hujala
2 – Timber Harvest Scheduling in Cuba using a multicriteria approach, Trinidad Gomez
3 – Biodiversity and Agricultural Production Planning by LP, Daniel Sandars

Energy & Environment – 7 sessions

Environmental Analysis Costas Pappis – 3 sessions
A. Sustainability Issues in Supply Chains, Invited session, Chair: Jacqueline Bloemhof
1 – A portuguese recovery network for WEEE, Maria Isabel Salema et al
2 – Modeling And Simulation Of Sustainable Agrifood Supply Chain Networks, Jack van der Vorst
3 – Environmental responsibility in Brazil: the case studies of tire and PET production, Paula Ribeiro
4 – How Green is your closed loop supply chain? Jacqueline Bloemhof
Notes: About closed-loop supply chains, and how they can lessen the environmental impact a supply chain would otherwise have. Analyses performed for electronics. “Multi-Objective Decision Making” included among keywords.

B. Issues of Environmental Performance and Scheduling, Invited session, Chair: Stavros Daniel
1 – Assessing Elements Affecting Reverse Logistics Operation and Success, Tom Dasaklis
3 – A comparative analysis of different versions of the EDIP Life Cycle Impact Assessment method, Stavros Daniel

C. Energy and Environmental Policy Modelling, Invited session, Chair: Nihan Karali
1 – Energy And Emissions Analysis For Household Appliances In Malaysia, Saidur Rahman
2 – Energy Hybrid Model System – Applied To Switzerland And Europe, Giacomo Catenazzi
3 – Cost-Based Sectoral Analysis of CER/ERU Emission Certificate Trading, Nihan Karali

Energy Markets and Sustainable Modelling Klaus Lackner Stefan Pickl – 3 sessions

OR & Ethics – Menestrel & Wassenhove – 4 sessions

Will fill more of the above in over time. If EURO is anything like the INFORMS meeting, wheat-versus-chaff-sorting will be required when taking a closer look at these. Some other bits included:

– session on emission credit trading

– Applying Topsis To Evaluate The Development Strategies Of Green Engineering Industry, Hua-Kai Chiou

– How to set priorities in R&D programmes for developing more efficient energy systems in Mexico – Carlos Escobar-Toledo

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