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July 29, 2007 / or4green

Energy Star Computers

New tighter US energy star computer specifications were recently released.

Among the key specifications for desktops:
Standby (Off Mode): <= 2.0 W
Sleep Mode: <= 4.0 W
Idle State:
Category A: <= 50.0 W
Category B: <= 65.0 W
Category C: <= 95.0 W
Basically the higher the category, the more of a workhorse the machine is (more RAM or more than 1 hard drive etc.)

These idle state powers are on the order of regular household incandescent light bulbs.

Not directly tied to OR, but not hard to imagine how it could be, particularly in light of the usage of computers at various institutions. For example, some institutions require all computers be kept on all the time for the occassional system update via the network. Watt metering “survey” to come…

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