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July 29, 2007 / or4green

Local E-cycling

Connecticut (USA) recently enacted a law aimed at reducing electronics waste. It places the burden of “e-cycling” on manufacturers who will have to register with the state Department of Enviromental Protection (DEP), paying an annual fee used by the DEP to administer the program. No OR content here, but see the posts pertaining to clsc, and the bit about Cisco in the INFORMS roundtable post.

Link to the bill, worth a closer look.

A little more depth on the business angle from this informative Hartford Business Journal article. In the past, state plans like this have either charged the manufacturer with the costs of recycling the electronics they produce, or charged the consumer by adding a fee to the retail cost of the item. The latter is alarming to retailers. I’m wondering if retailers are more vocal in a Statehouse than manufacturers, since they are more local.

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