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August 6, 2007 / or4green

Some miscellaneous finds…

1. The Decision Sciences Institute’s 2007 Annual Meeting will be held in Phoenix in November. It has an MS/OR track and a new track this year on “Ethics and Sustainability”.

2. There is a Sustainability Research Initiative within the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Iowa State University led by Dr. Sarah Ryan and Dr. K. Jo Min. Though it is more from the engineering side, it is industrial engineering and the list of publications includes an EJOR and an OM paper.

3. Speaking of industrial engineering, work on “Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing” is being conducted at Northeastern University under the direction of Dr. Surendra M. Gupta. See this page for links to references, many using OR methods.

4. The 2007 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment (ISEE 2007) was held in May. Not exactly OR, but there were talks on reverse logistics and eco-efficiency, with several speakers from industry. Update: The ISEE 2008 site is now up, though the 2007 site, which had the conference program, appears to have been taken down.

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