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September 12, 2007 / or4green


The management science journal Omega has an upcoming special issue on “Ethics in Operations Research”. OR applied to sustainable development is certainly one area in which ethics can be important. The journal is seeking papers supporting the role of ethical values within OR/MS, though one could imagine some debate on the subject. The editors, Luk N. Van Wassenhove and Marc Le Menestrel, chaired an OR and Ethics session at EURO 2007. Van Wassenhove co-edited the 2003 Interfaces Closed-Loop Supply Chain issue, which we discussed here.

Omega has a history of socially-conscious papers. Its first issue in 1973 included the paper, “Operational research, social well-being and the zero growth concept” by S. L. Cook. This could possibly join the Glassey and Gupta 1974 paper-recycling article as a classic Green OR work. A number of sustainability-related articles turned up in this MCDM-focused recent issue of Omega

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