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November 15, 2007 / or4green

Four items

1) Forbes has an interesting interview with physicist Steven Chu. He is the director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a Nobel prize winner. Topics include energy, the environment, and the role of nanotechnology in these areas. His closing words:

The single most important problem science and technology has to solve is this energy issue. Getting carbon-neutral energy in a cost-effective way, it’s really scary.

2) MIT launched a “Laboratory for Sustainable Business (S-Lab)” back in February of this year. The mission is to develop business models to address global warming and its impacts. A couple of system dynamicists (Repenning, Sterman) are on board.

3) The “International Research Network on Social and Environmental Aspects in Business and Management (SEABUS)” is a global network of research institutions geared towards “the conceptual and methodological exchange on innovative research on environmental and social aspects in business and management.” They will hold a “Summer Academy” in Berlin, Germany in June, 2008. The majority of the member institutions are European, with Yale University’s Center for Business & Environment being the sole U.S. member.

4) The power authority of the U.S. territory Guam has an operations research group. An MSNBC article describes some of their work in researching alternative energy sources. The projects, many of which are in forecasting, are described in more depth on the group’s website.
Update: A more recent story.

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