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April 18, 2008 / or4green

More references…

Operations research and environmental planning
S. E. Daniela, D. C. Diakoulakib and C. P. Pappis
in European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 102, Issue 2, 16 October 1997, Pages 248-263
Notes: Contains an extensive list of over 100 references. In the 1997 “Environmental Planning” special issue of EJOR.

Interactions between operational research and environmental management
J. M. Bloemhof-Ruwaarda, P. van Beekb, L. Hordijka and L. N. Van Wassenhove
in European Journal of Operational Research Volume 85, Issue 2, 7 September 1995, Pages 229-243 [64 citations as of 5/22/08]

MCDA and Energy Planning
D. Diakoulaki, C. Antunes and A. Gomes Martins
Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis and Sustainable Development
G. Munda
both in the book Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys
see the book’s Springer page

A Primer on Environmental Decision-Making – An Integrative Quantitative Approach
by K. Seip and F. Wenstøp
Notes: This is a textbook. Game theory is the only OR-related technique explicitly mentioned in the table of contents, but it stands to reason that others would be inside. See the Springer page as well as their “Environmental Management” series.

Agricultural sustainable management: a normative approach based on goal programming
S. Elfkih, M.L. Feijoo and C. Romero
in Journal of the Operational Research Society, advance online publication 19 March 2008

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