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May 6, 2008 / or4green

Green Operations Management

A number of articles discuss environmental issues in operations management. Here are a few:

Environmental and Operations Management Face the Future
L.C. Angell
in Decision Line, May 1999
Notes: This brief article from 1999 includes a table listing special journal issues on environmental operations management and related areas. I am listing these and some others I have found in a separate post.

Integrating environmental issues into the mainstream: an agenda for research in operations management
L.C. Angell and R.D. Klassen
in Journal of Operations Management, Volume 17, Issue 5, August 1999, Pages 575-598
Notes: Same author as above. For what it’s worth, Scholar reports 165 citations as of May 5, 2008. If nothing else, given that these references are a bit old, mine the citing papers to find more recent work.

‘Green’ value chain practices in the furniture industry
R. B. Handfield, S. V. Waltonb, L. K. Seegersc and S. A. Melnyka
in Journal of Operations Management, Volume 15, Issue 4, November 1997, Pages 293-315

Environmental operations management: An opportunity for improvement
M. Gupta and K. Sharma
in Production and Inventory Management Journal, Volume 37, 1996

The sustainability debate
A. Wilkinson, M. Hill, and P. Gollan
in International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 2001, Vol. 21, Issue 12, 1492 – 1502

See also the post on special journal issues.

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