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June 23, 2008 / or4green

Calls for papers…

1. There is a call for papers for a special issue of Operational Research: An International Journal on Optimization Models in Environment and Sustainable Development. Here is an excerpt:

The objective of this special issue of ORIJ is to present recent advances on the ways in which patterns of development can be measured and modelled in the search for sustainability, and also to provide a framework to help decision-makers choose the most appropriate model, on issues like (but not limited to):
– Optimization Models in Environment and Sustainable Development
– Decision Support Systems in Environment and Sustainable Development
– Analysis of the relation between Economic Growth and Environmental Quality
– Optimization Models for Environmental Systems
– Waste Management Planning and Optimization
– Operational Research Applications in Wildlife Management and Ecology
– Optimization Models in Forest and Agricultural Sector
– Evaluation of currently used Optimization Models
– OR Case Studies in the field of Environmental Management
We are particularly interested in new optimization models or improvements in modelling techniques, regarding the environment or sustainable development.

Submission deadline is 31 Oct 2008.

2. The Journal of the Operational Research Society has a call for papers out on an issue about Transportation, Logistics and the Environment. It reads, in part:

There is growing interest in the field of “green” logistics and transportation, which is a domain focusing on environmentally friendly and efficient ways of transportation, both on the passenger front and for freight operations. The special issue aims to put together studies concerning any aspect of logistics and transportation, but with an explicit consideration of environmental factors (such as reduction of energy consumption, air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions). We are seeking novel, high quality papers that address environmental issues in contexts including, but not limited to,
. city logistics,
. intelligent transportation systems,
. intermodal transportation,
. network design and planning,
. passenger transportation,
. reverse logistics,
. road, rail, air and maritime freight operations,
. supply chain management,
. terminal operations management and planning,
. vehicle routing and scheduling,
Using operational research based modelling approaches (e.g., mathematical modelling, simulation) and solution methodologies (e.g., exact and heuristic solution algorithms). The special issue aims to stimulate interest in green transportation and logistics from the operational research community, capture the state-of-the-art in the domain, and identify potential research directions that will keep the field active in the long run.

Deadline is 30 Sep 2008. See also this post including the comments for related information.

3. The upcoming EJOR issue on Closed-Loop Supply Chains mentioned in an earlier post is actually now a feature cluster of the Dec 2008 issue of that journal. Navigate to this page and scroll to the bottom. It contains an introduction and three papers, one of which (Strategic response to EEE returns: Product eco-design or new recovery processes? by R. Zuidwijk and H. Krikke ) was summarized in a previous post here.

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