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October 10, 2008 / or4green


The INFORMS annual meeting begins this coming Sunday. I listed some sessions of potential interest to fans of green OR earlier. I will be giving a talk within the choice time slot 🙂 of Wednesday at 4:30-6 PM entitled “greenOR at the US Coast Guard Academy and Beyond”. Half of this talk will be a survey of some of the topics covered on this site – OR applied to areas within sustainability. That will include a little time spent talking about what I think sustainability means. The other half will be a run-down of the undergraduate capstone project I advised on optimizing waste flow at the Coast Guard Academy (discussed here and here). A couple of themes I’ll try to hit on in that part are the common-sense, Woolsey side of OR, including what might be termed the notion of “doing OR where ur”, and that the same kind of project could be undertaken virtually anywhere.

Michael Trick is organizing a get-together of OR bloggers and OR blog readers at around 8 PM during the Sunday reception. I plan to be at that as well. See this post for more information.

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