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October 12, 2008 / or4green

INFORMS 2008, Part I

A few bits from Day I of the annual INFORMS meeting:

  • If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s better for the environment to scrap your old car and buy a hybrid, or to keep it, the paper “Life Cycle Optimization of Automobile Replacement: Model & Application” may answer your question. Written by Kim, Keoleian, Grande, and Bean for Environmental Science & Technology in 2003, it was mentioned in a talk today about green equipment replacement by Thomas Sloan. The abstract is here. It includes a life cycle analysis, factoring in energy required for production, end of life issues, and more.
  • Ken Chelst made a great case for teaching OR in high school. Not specifically about energy/environment, but the curriculum utilizes real data sets including some from those areas. In addition, part of its emphasis is on team projects with a “doing OR where ur” slant. See the Mindset project web site for more.
  • Members of the Edelman Award winning Dutch Railway team gave an interesting presentation of their work resetting the train timetables. One footnote was the reduction in emissions brought on by the more efficient scheduling.
  • A nice gathering of the blog-ORs occurred thanks to Michael Trick.

If you attended any of the sustainability-related talks, feel free to share here via a comment or email.

More to come…

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