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December 31, 2008 / or4green

New References

It has been a while since I added any references, so here are a few new ones. I list references on this site that seem relevant and/or interesting based on title and abstract, and maybe sometimes, on a quick perusal of the paper. I encourage readers to send suggestions of other papers to list, follow-ups on ones I have listed, etc.

Optimum utilization of renewable energy sources in a remote area
A.K. Akella, M.P. Sharma and R.P. Saini
in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 11, Issue 5, June 2007, Pages 894-908
file under: renewable energy
Notes: linear programming model; the remote area is the Jaunpur block of Uttaranchal state of India

A web-based decision support system for waste lube oils collection and recycling
P.P. Repoussis, D.C. Paraskevopoulos, , G. Zobolas, C.D. Tarantilis, and G. Ioannou
in European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 195, Issue 3, 16 June 2009, Pages 676-700
file under: waste flow, hazardous materials, dss

Manufacturing network configuration in supply chains with product recovery
David Francas and Stefan Minner
in Omega, Volume 37, Issue 4, August 2009, Pages 757-769, doi:10.1016/
file under: remanufacturing

These last two are from that EJOR feature cluster on “O.R. for Better Management of Sustainable Development”:

Operational research and sustainable development: Tackling the social dimension
Leroy White, Gregory John Lee
in European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 193, Issue 3, Pages 683-692 (16 March 2009)

Planning sustainable community health schemes in rural areas of developing countries
Honora K. Smith, Paul R. Harper, Chris N. Potts, Ann Thyle
in European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 193, Issue 3, Pages 768-777 (16 March 2009)

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