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March 22, 2009 / or4green

New references: energy, weather, army, waste

Here are some new references (new as in new to this site). I will add these to the References page soon. I’m hoping to make that page sortable by topic at some point. Reader and author comments on these or other relevant references are welcome.

OR in the Energy Sector
An upcoming (16 September 2009) issue of EJOR has a feature cluster on “Operational Research Models and Methods in the Energy Sector”. Among the papers is Sustainable energy futures: Methodological challenges in combining scenarios and participatory multi-criteria analysis by Kowalski et al. The term multi-criteria shows up in the titles of several of the other papers, so likely that some of them cover sustainability as well.

OR and Weather
Improvements in weather forecasting and available data can increase the possibilities for including weather in decision models Eva Regnier argues in the survey paper Doing something about the weather. Based on a 2003 INFORMS meeting presentation, it can be found in Omega, Volume 36, Issue 1, February 2008, Pages 22-32.

Army Green Ops
Green Warriors: Army Environmental Considerations for Contingency Operations from Planning Through Post-Conflict, by David E. Mosher et al. This is a RAND monograph published in 2008. For a research brief describing the text follow this link. Here is the abstract:

The U.S. Army has much to gain by carefully integrating environmental considerations into operational concepts, plans, and procedures during contingency operations. Evidence from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflicts suggests that a shift to a comprehensive approach to environmental considerations that encompasses policy, culture, planning, training, and investment — and emphasizes sustainability — can boost overall mission success. This will be particularly important during stability operations and reconstruction.

Update: A WSJ Env. Capital blog entry on greening the military, and another linked to within that one.

Electronics Waste
Effects of E-Waste Regulation on New Product Introduction

by Erica Plambeck, Qiong Wang in Management Science, Vol. 55, No. 3, March 2009, pp. 333-347. See this post about another of Plambeck’s papers concerning electronics manufacturers testing their competitors’ products.

The Economic and Social Implication of Using Animal Excreta as Fertilizer and Feedstuff: Profitability and Environmental Protection Simulation Model (scroll down)
by S. Kushwaha and J. E. Ochi in Journal of Sustainable Agriculture,
Volume 14, Number 1, 1999, page 81-89
Multi-objective linear programming model pitting chemical fertilizer versus mother nature’s.


  1. Srabasti Dutta / Apr 8 2009 7:24 am

    Hi Ian,
    I am visiting your blog today. Very nice and very informative; I will be definitely using it more. In fact I have a student who is interested in both Mathematics and Fashion. I am thinking how to make her work involving fashion and environment and also fashion and optimization and/or all three together – fashion, optimization and environment. If I find anything or do anything, I shall let you know.
    Thank you for maintaining such a nice blog where so much information about OR and sustainability/environment can be found.

  2. or4green / Apr 9 2009 6:48 am

    Thank you very much Srabasti. I’ll be interested to hear how your student’s work turns out. Keep me posted.

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