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October 25, 2009 / or4green

The GreenGov Challenge

Earlier this month, President Obama signed an Executive Order on Federal Sustainability that extends a previous Executive Order (#13423, discussed near the bottom of this prior post). The new order sets goals for federal agencies in emissions, reduced fossil fuel usage, water management, etc.

Along with the Executive Order, the Whitehouse has launched the GreenGov Challenge in which federal employees submit sustainability ideas to be voted on by other federal employees. The top ideas are then passed on to key sustainability figures at each agency. Thousands of ideas have already been submitted. So far some popular ones are about telecommuting, motion-sensitive lighting, increased use of electronic documents over paper, and stopping the use of styrofoam in federal cafeterias. Check out the site for more. Being a federal employee, I made a few contributions. Click on the image below if you are interested. My luddite-leaning suggestion (rakes over leaf-blowers) is the least popular at 82 in favor, 60 against, as of today. (Thanks to Ashley C. for alerting me to the Challenge.)


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