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October 26, 2009 / or4green

MORS Power & Energy Meeting … Coast Guard Sustainability

The US-based Military Operations Research Society (MORS) will be holding a Power and Energy Special Meeting, November 30th to December 3rd, 2009 in Reston, Virginia. From the meeting website:

The P&E Special Meeting will focus on the requirements and metrics, science and technology, Modeling and Simulation (M&S), processes, and methodologies needed to address the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s (OSD’s) Energy Policy to consider operational energy risk from logistics demand and how to frame Energy Efficiency Key Performance Parameters. The P&E Special Meeting will also address the national security challenge of the combined criticality of operations reliant on stable energy sources and the vulnerability of the power grid and fuel distribution system.

So sustainability comes up in terms of energy efficiency but also as far as maintaining critical infrastructure. There was a NY Times article back in July on the US military’s efforts to reduce energy usage. Incidentally, it leads with a quote from Capt. John Hickey of the US Coast Guard, whom I heard speak to cadets at the Coast Guard Academy (where I teach) not long after. Capt. Hickey talked about several Coast Guard sustainability accomplishments at his base in Honolulu including reducing electricity usage by almost 15%, increasing day-lighting, adopting demand respone programs for ships in port, and greening the arms range (which usually includes switching to lead-free ammunition). He also described other Coast Guard sustainability efforts such as the 4 MW landfill gas generation plant at the Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, LED’s and solar panels on aids to navigation, and LEED buildings in North Carolina and Seattle. (See the update at the bottom of this post.) At the Academy, we are hoping to launch another OR sustainability capstone this spring. More to come…

Lastly, on a related note to the MORS conference, retired Navy Admiral Bobby R. Inman will be giving the keynote address entitled Examining Conflicting Objectives for Energy Independence and Climate Change at this year’s Winter Simulation Conference. The theme of the meeting is Energy Alternatives.

Update (10/30/09): Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen just recently posted “The Theme is Green — Coast Guard Activates Another Renewable Energy Facility” on his iCommandant blog. It highlights a new solar array at the Petaluma Training Center and mentions a number of additional Coast Guard sustainability measures.

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