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January 10, 2010 / or4green

Odds and Ends: CO2 data, OM blog, Nanotech.

NASA has made an extensive CO2 data set available. The data comes from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), an instrument that travels on the Aqua spacecraft. More information is available from NASA here.

There are some sustainbility-related posts from the Operations Management side of the house on a blog called “The Operations Room”. It is written by Kellogg School (Northwestern U.) professors Martin Lariviere and Gad Alon. Check out their green ops and sustainability tags. Don’t miss the “pizza box” post with the Walmart video about closing the cardboard loop. And another post mentions SourceMap, an open source web site from the MIT Media Lab that allows one to document where materials in a product come from and the associated carbon footprint.

Back in July, I wrote about nanotech and OR ethics. Around that time, the OECD Conference on Potential Environmental Benefits of Nanotechnology was being held. (OECD is the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, more about them here.) The slides from the conference presentations are posted here. There are a number of interesting-sounding ones, such as:
– Are we willing to heed the lessons of the past? – Using the precautionary principle to foster safe, innovation-led growth (Steve Mullins (ACTU, Australia)
– Understanding the life-cycle environmental implications of nanotechnology in lithium-ion batteries for automobiles (Thomas Seager, Rochester Institute of Technology, United States)
– Sustainability and recycling issues (Amin Reller, University of Augsburg, Germany)
The content may not be explicitly O.R., but there is plenty of quantitative analysis coupled with decision making.

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