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February 23, 2010 / or4green

Green Analytics

Sustainability. Analytics. Trendy buzzwords or here to stay? INFORMS has sought to become identified with analytics (see its online magazine by that name). And there has been INFORMS conference activity related to sustainability going back at least to 1998 (see this post). The latest activity is at the upcoming practice conference (mentioned here too) with interesting-sounding talks on green (or sustainable) analytics:

Keeping Ford Green with Analytics
Erica Klampfl, Ford

Smart Water: Improving Water System Performance through Asset Management
Arun Hampapur, IBM

Green Technology and Sustainability Applications: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
Bryan Guy, Cypress Venture Group

Real-Time Dispatching of Distributed Resources in the Smart Grid
Michael T. Ozog, Integral Analytics, Inc.

Smart Grid: Operation of Utility Distribution Systems
Avnaesh Jayantilal, AREVA T&D

Analytics Applications Opportunities in Sustainability
Dwight Collins (see this post) & Dariush Rafinejad, Presidio Graduate School

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