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July 18, 2010 / or4green



BottleHood takes used bottles and refashions them as glassware and other items. So this keeps the bottles out of the waste/recycling streams and can obviate the need for other resources (virgin or recycled) to go into the production of new products. True, there are many products now made from recycled materials. And that is good. Like this sneaker from Simple made from plastic bottles and tires:

But in BottleHood’s case, the inputs are not smashed to smithereens, melted and reformed, processes requiring energy and water, that generate waste, and that likely take place in disparate locations, adding to the energy/emissions impact. As I’ve said before (see the TerraCycle post for example), a used bottle still has nearly the usability or order it had when it was new, and so it is striking that it typically needs to be broken down so thoroughly to be used again. BottleHood leverages much of that order. Overall, the impact may be small, but extending the concept to other products, such as electronics and construction materials, can go a long way to addressing sustainability challenges in materials, energy, and waste.

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