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August 26, 2010 / or4green

Recent Papers

Here is another list of relevant papers. This first paper is in the spirit of a recent post about LCA and O.R., making connections between the field of industrial ecology and the methods of O.R.:

An Approach to Integrating Environmental Considerations Within Managerial Decision-Making by Ravi Subramanian, Brian Talbot, and Sudheer Gupta in Journal of Industrial Ecology 14(3): 378-398, 2010. (Thanks to Reid L. for calling my attention to this.)

This next paper talks about “the washing machine effect” in LCA. Separate LCA’s for washing machines, detergent, and clothing might each determine that the use phase of the washing machine dominates energy usage in their respective LCA’s. But in an aggregated study, the use phase impact is double-counted. This paper urges caution in using LCA’s to prioritize action.
The Role of Washing Machines in Life Cycle Assessment Studies: The Dangers of Using LCA for Prioritization by Jonathan M. Cullen and Julian M. Allwood in Journal of Industrial Ecology 13(1): 27–37, 2009.

Not as recent, but this next one is an interesting-looking paper (also covers washing machines) by seminal figure in Industrial Ecology, Tom Graedel:
Designing the ideal green product: Lca/SCLA in reverse by Thomas E. Graedel in The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2(1), 25-31, 1997.

See also his well-known text on Industrial Ecology written with BR Allenby.

The journal Omega has an upcoming special issue on “Management Science and Environmental Issues”. Submission deadline is Oct. 31, 2010. See this page (scroll down) for more information.

Not a paper, but a recent press release about well-known ecological economist Herman Daly, listing some of his publications at the bottom.

SIAM puts together posters about careers in math. One of the ones on that page is about renewable energy (wind, specifically). It is a nice poster but misses a great opportunity to mention O.R. See the wind category on this blog for more about O.R. and wind energy.

And a few other publications:

Enriching Sustainable Transport Decisions: Inputs from Operations Research and the Management Sciences by B. Wellar and W. Garrison, UC Berkeley Institute of Transportation Studies Research Report, 07-01-2009

2009 Wagner Prize finalist Integrated Framework for Product Costing, Demand Forecasting and Capacity Planning of New Photovoltaic Technology by S. Bollapragada and B. Thomas, General Electric Global Research. Scheduled for the Sep-Oct 2010 special issue of Interfaces.

Ethics in operations research and sustainable development
Brans, J., and P. Kunsch
in International Transactions in Operational Research 17, no. 4 (July 1, 2010): 427-444.
Brans is the author of an O.R. code of ethics. See this post for more about that.

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