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November 6, 2010 / or4green

Energy/Environment at INFORMS 2010

There is a useful collection of the energy/environment-related talks at the INFORMS 2010 Annual Meeting at this link (pdf) (thanks to Vishnu Nanduri, for compiling). At 13 pages, it easily lists at least 100 talks, which is … a lot. A quick scan from the green O.R. perspective winnows the list a little, and shows a lot on wind energy and cap & trade. A few of the talks that I’d attend, if I were at the meeting, would be:
– How Does Product Recovery Affect Quality Choice?
Gilvan Souza,
– Optimal Control of Energy Storage using the Knowledge Gradient with Nonparametric Beliefs
Warren Powell
[Have heard each of the above two speak before, and was impressed.]
– An Approach to Solve Discretely-constrained Linear MCPs
Steve Gabriel
– Optimization Mechanisms for Residential Electricity Demand in SmartGrids
Lawrence V. Snyder
– Optimizing the Energy Savings From Shade Tree Location
David Butry
I’d be interested to hear about these or other relevant talks from you if you attend.

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  1. Jon Houle / Nov 11 2010 9:58 am

    Thanks for this list. It’ll make for some interesting reading!

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