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June 23, 2011 / or4green

Some Green IT References

The last post about analytics versus sustainability made mention of the data-to-information-to-knowledge process. That can be used to help improve efficiency, which in some ways can translate to sustainability improvements. Of course the increased collection of data requires more servers, which require more energy to operate and to keep cool. I came across some books and an article on this topic in ACM’s Computing Reviews, each of which was favorably reviewed :
– The green and virtual data center, by Greg Schulz
– Foundation of Green IT: consolidation, virtualization, efficiency, and ROI in the data center by Marty Poniatowski
Green introspection, Kirk Cameron in Computer 42 Jan 09. This one has a great abstract:

The same computing technologies pioneered by the hippie geeks of Silicon Valley in the 1970s are now contributors to the energy crisis we face today.

See also this Google post from 2009 about energy and the Internet, including the amount of energy required by one Internet search query.

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