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August 16, 2011 / or4green

Analytica for Green Analytics

Analytica by Lumina Decision Systems is a modeling tool that transcends the spreadsheet paradigm. The idea has always sounded intriguing, and while I do not know many people who use it (yet), those who do speak highly of it. I mentioned Analytica briefly in a post back in 2008.

Analytica has gotten some good use in sustainability areas including modeling of renewable portfolio standards and green purchasing with clients such as NOAA and NREL. See this page for examples.

On Thursday, August 25 2011, Lumina is hosting a web analytics webinar (thanks to Nick K for the heads up). The abstract from the webinar home page reads:

Paper or plastic? Solar or wind? These are surprisingly hard questions. Analytica is an ideal tool for clarifying and quantifying environmental as well as economic costs and benefits. Power companies are using Analytica to select the best mix of technologies to meet renewable portfolio standards. The US Department of Energy uses Analytica to evaluate its R&D in energy efficiency and renewables. In this webinar series, you will build valuable insight and skills for applying Analytica to issues of energy and environment modeling.

See this page for more information. It sounds interesting, maybe I will see you there.

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