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July 30, 2017 / or4green

Carbon Game Paper Published

A paper written by Bob Day and me about our Carbon Game will appear in an upcoming issue of INFORMS Transactions on Education.  An advance version is available from the journal’s website at .

This is a classroom game aimed at teaching students about some of the basics of energy markets, the use of regulation to induce environmental benefit, and development of mathematical strategies including connections to mathematical/O.R. concepts such as game theory and the news-vendor problem.  While the game is fairly simple to set up and play, the results can be somewhat complex.  In the paper, we define quantitative metrics for evaluating the quality of student player performance on ranges of rational/irrational and selfish/cooperative.

The quantitative background assumed of student players is minimal.  A simple (non-calculus) mathematical modeling course would suffice and most of the benefits the game provides will accrue to such students.  Students with a stronger O.R. background will be able to capitalize on that to develop more sophisticated mathematical strategies.  This will provide even richer post-game discussion and analysis opportunities for students and instructors.

The article contains supplemental materials to guide the instructor in facilitating the game.  It is our hope that others will find our game useful as an active learning experience for their students, and that some may take the game and its analysis in new and exciting directions.  Enjoy!

(Here are a couple of old posts I wrote about the game:  1) a talk I gave   2) a poster about it .)

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