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October 26, 2012 / or4green

Recent Green O.R. Activity

A number of interesting green O.R. items have come up lately:

  • Smart meter data is available from Pacific Gas & Electric (California).  There is a webinar today (Oct 26) at 2 PM EST about it.  To access the data, submit a proposal.  [via ENRE]
  • Quantitative methods in Smart Grids – 2 faculty openings at Lehigh University.  [via ENRE]
  • Teaching green O.R. – Case Article in INFORMS Transactions on Education – Embedding a Sustainability Module Into Quantitative Business Courses  by Susan Cholette and Theresa Roeder.  About GHG emission auditing for a supply chain.  Free online access.  Article comes with their teaching materials attached.
  • The ACEEE has a white paper about whether Jevons’ Paradox (aka the rebound effect) is real.   See this greenOR post about OR and Jevons paradox.
  • Read about how a brewery is using microbes to turn its waste water into methane, which is then used to run a GE turbine generating electricity.
  • Coursera has an “Introduction to Sustainability” course taught by Jonathan Tomkin of University of Illinois Urbana-Chamagne.  It uses his textbook (available online).  I wrote about a sustainability course here.
  • The computational sustainability folks now have a blog.
  • Journal name change – the Environmentalist is now Environment Systems and Decisions.
  • “The NSF SEES program is offering funding for NSF Science, Engineering and Education for Sustainability Fellows. The due date is Nov. 26. The program provides up to 3 years of funding at about 80K per year. It is for people who have worked for less than 3 years in a post-phd job.”  [via ENRE]
  • Post-Doc opportunity in wind energy optimization, control and markets at Johns Hopkins. [via ENRE]

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